5317 – Publication Outline

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Assignment #1:

Publication Outline:

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The outline for the article: “How ePortfolios And Reflective Writing Can Improve Outcomes In Economically Disadvantaged Students”

Publication Outline Requirements – Outline should include the following:  (Remember, the more you include in your outline may be included in your rough draft – Each assignment helps build the next assignment)  

Publication Outline:

  1. What is the topic of your article? 
    1. How Eportfolios And Reflective Writing Can Improve Socio-Emotional Development In Economically Disadvantaged Students
  2. Introduction to your article 
    1. Eportfolios are needed in Career and Technical, (CTE), education as a way for students to reflect and learn, drawing conclusions from successes and failures in their project based learning, (PBL). Constructivist learning is the linking of past, present and future as students take ownership of their learning. CTE students are often those that were not fully successful in a regular classroom. CTE focuses primarily on PBL as a primary means of learning, allowing students to make lifelong connections to build learning upon. By utilizing the reflective blogging and learning aspect of ePortfolios, it has an impact on other areas of student development in economically disadvantaged students, (Tubach, 2021). 
  3. Where do you plan to submit your article and the publication guidelines? 
    1. Edutopia is a good on-line journal that I have used throughout this class for ideas, articles and research. 
      1. Guidelines for submission: https://www.edutopia.org/about/your-turn-write-us 
    2. Journal of Career and Technical Education. They are currently accepting publications for peer review and posting. They currently have 1 article that references portfolios.
      1. Guidelines for submission: https://journalcte.org/about/submissions/ 
  4. What is the connection to your innovation plan or initiative? 
    1. My Innovation Plan is ePortfolios in Career and Technical Education
      1. The goal of the innovation plan is the improvement of writing skills through reflective blogging in ePortfolios.
        1. The process of reflective blogging has been demonstrated to be a wholly constructivist application of learning, allowing students to make connections to past and future learning. 
        2. Reflective blogging as part of PBL, empathy can be one aspect of the learning process, (Tubach, 2021).
        3. The COVA+CSLE approach to PBL can have the greatest impact on economically disadvantaged students, helping their socio-emotional development, not simply test scores, (Jackson, Porter, Easton, & Kiguel, 2020).
  5. How can this information help others? 
    1. This article can give people the support for implementing ePortfolios in their CTE classes, particularly in economically disadvantaged schools. 
      1. The article will include links to supporting materials
  6. Lessons learned or hoped to learn? 
    1. That schools that support and emphasize socio-emotional learning over test scores benefit economically disadvantaged students in a similar way that attending an economically advantaged school.
  7. (Add key points about (your experiences, some examples, or an inspirational story) 
    1. As a culinary CTE teacher, PBL in culinary is an experience that engages all of our senses. Our sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste are all engaged when cooking and preparing food. The very process encourages students to share their experience, (and food). In the four years that students are in the program, (9th through 12th grade), it is a privilege to watch students mature and develop their socio-emotional skills.
  8. What digital resources will be included in your article? Describe your resources. 
    1. Videos, websites, articles, and my ePortfolio with links to relevant sections with links to the above materials. The ePortfolio has links for professional development, and lessons on introducing ePortfolios to students.
  9. Conclusion for your article  
    1. ePortfolios and PBL have demonstrated the ability to enhance learning through reflective writing. Through the same reflective writing process, it has been demonstrated to improve students’ writing skills and critical thinking. It has also demonstrated that teachers benefit from becoming reflective writers and teachers, ( ). While this is an admirable initial goal when implementing ePortfolios, the subsequent long term benefits can be transformative when we look at the effect they can have on our least advantaged students’ outcomes. From reducing arrest rates, college readiness and college attendance, by focusing on students’ socio-emotional development. Eportfolios and PBL have demonstrated that when implemented properly, they can have a substantial impact on student outcomes.
  10. References  
    1. Jackson, K. C., Porter, S. C., Easton, J. Q., & Kiguel, S. (2020, December 14). Who Benefits From Attending Effective Schools? Examining Heterogeneity in High School Impacts. NBER. Retrieved January 21, 2022, from https://www.nber.org/papers/w28194
    2. Tubach, T. (2021, July 2). How Project-Based Learning Can Teach Empathy. Https://Www.Edutopia.Org/. Retrieved January 25, 2022, from https://www.edutopia.org/article/how-project-based-learning-can-teach-empathy
    3. These are my primary articles, I will be including references for COVA+CSLE, 
  11. Where do you plan to submit and their guidelines? 
    1. See #3.
  12. Think of your audience, digital presence, and the message you hope to communicate. 
    1. My audience will be educators, administrators, and other education professionals looking to implement ePortfolios or additional support for those beginning the process of starting ePortfolios in their schools/departments/classrooms. 

This article should be an additional support for my innovation plan. I am looking at additional research to persuade more teachers to come onboard.