5320 – Capstone

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The end of the DLL journey…

There is so much to reflect on during this learning journey. From my own perspectives and paradigm shifts regarding pedagogy, the use of technology, the role of technology in education, mindset, the need for transformative change, and much more. In the past when I was asked what technology I used in my classes, I would sarcastically answer “fire.” The definition of cooking as defined by The Culinary Institute of America is: “Cooking is the act of applying heat to foods to prepare them for eating . When foods are cooked, changes in flavor, texture, aroma, color, and nutritional content occur during the process. ” I have been transformed into a reflective teacher who embraces the use of technology to enhance pedagogy to benefit the learner.

To keep everything from becoming too unwieldy, the 5320 – Capstone page has been divided into three sections. Click the link for each relevant section.

Reflections on using COVA to Create Significant Learning Environments, A & B: