6 Sources of Influence

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Created by William Geisweidt, 2021
Created by William Geisweidt, 2021

Influence, Urgency and the Whirlwind…

The 6 Sources of Influence and Implementing ePortfolios in CTE has been an interesting project. It was highly reflective on the how do we get others on board, along with the need for urgency and focus on the goal. We have to manage the ‘Whirlwind’, our daily responsibilities and problems that pop up as part of our jobs. The whirlwind is responsible for many initiatives falling by the wayside. Parent and IEP conferences, phone calls home, department meetings, discipline issues, lesson planning and the many other fires that pop up that we have to put out and deal with everyday.

One of the ways to deal with the whirlwind is to generate and keep a sense of urgency and excitement about the implementation of ePortfolios. They can make aspects of our daily responsibilities easier. Goal setting and rewards can help to keep focus on our goals.

What gets measured is what gains in importance, and is another way to keep focus on ePortfolios. So, we set measurable goals and will stick to them.


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