EDLD 5316

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Welcome to my work in Lamar University’s Digital Learning and Leading Program, class EDLD – 5316

There’s much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn about implementing e-Portfolios and Creating Significant Learning Environments, (CSLE), in Career and Technical Education. I hope you enjoy the site. For more information regarding the Digital Learning and Leading program at Lamar University, follow the link below.

An Introduction to Digital Citizenship:

My definition of Digital Citizenship: We are all digital citizens in today’s world, either as active or passive participants, relying upon a constantly changing global marketplace that needs grounded in acceptable moral and ethical behaviors by all participants. By modeling moral, ethical and responsible behavior, we lead others to be digital creators and learners, moving past a digital consumer mindset.

Click below to visit the webpage for week #1 assignment, Intro to the Digital Citizen:

Net Neutrality and Our Digital Footprint:

Net neutrality and our digital footprints are not only important to our personal lives, it is something that affects our professional responsibilities, careers, the modern economy, and ultimately our freedoms.

Click below to visit the webpage for week #2 assignment, Net Neutrality & Our Digital Footprint:

Copyright Law and Education:

Copyright Law and our rights as educators under ‘Fair Share’ doctrine and the TEACH Act.

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The prevalence of cyberbullying and its effects on youth. What is happening and some areas that we can change to have a positive impact on our student’s on-line lives.

Click below to visit the webpage for week #4 assignment, Cyberbullying:

Digital Citizenship:

Click the link below for my video presentation on Digital Citizenship, and why we need to instruct the 9 Elements of digital Citizenship as part of our curriculum from Per-K, through post-secondary education.