Innovation Plan

Innovation Proposal

Our goals for ePortfolios for students and teachers. What is needed, where it is needed, and why we need to implement ePortfolios in Career and Technical education. How we begin the implementation, and what classes to pilot the ePortfolio in.

Project Outline 

A timeline of the planning process for implementing ePortfolios in the pilot classrooms. It begins with the proposal and works its way through the approval process, collaboration with other teachers, and the steps through the entire process.

Further Reading: 

Gordon & Shultz, (2005). “The History and Growth of Vocational Education in America, Second Edition.”

A history of  Vocational education in this country. The influences and major turning points in our style of education.

Yancey & Rhodes, (2019). “ePortfolio as Curriculum: Models and Practices for Developing Students’ ePortfolio Literacy.”

This is a book I want to read beyond an overview.

Arney, (2015). “Go Blended! A Handbook for Blending Technology in Schools.”

This book starts as a handbook in what not to do when implementing blended learning in schools. By listing what should not be done, it provides a guide to smooth the implementation of a technology enhanced curriculum.

Hanover Research, (2016). “Early Skills and Predictors of academic success.”

Belgrad, Burke, and Fogarty, (2013). “The Portfolio Connection: Student Work Linked to Standards”


ePortfolios are a reflection of the individual learner, each one unique and able to highlight that person’s strengths, learning, and accomplishments. ePortfolios demonstrate the growth of a learner through reflection. Using the reflection aspect of the portfolio, helps a student increase their writing skills. Through the reflective process, students are tying together past, present and future learning. I believe that CTE is ready for ePortfolio implementation. We are a project driven education process that is easily documented for our students to showcase their skills for future college and career readiness. ePortfolios are also a great tool for teachers like myself to grow professionally. We are lifelong learners ourselves, always looking for a better way…

Literature Review #1

The research supporting the Innovation Proposal. We cannot expect our administration, teachers, students, and parents to support the implementation of ePortfolios without the reasoning and understanding of the benefits to the learner.

Literature Review #2

The research supporting the Innovation Plan Proposal. This literature review focuses on Information Communication Technologies, (ICT), implemented worldwide. The review looks at three basic questions:

  1. What worked?
  2. What could have been done better?
  3. How do we apply the lessons learned?

After completing the second literature review, the innovation plan will be adjusted for teacher professional learning prior to implementation. Professional Learning, supported with time to practice, model desired outcomes, and peer-2-peer teacher support throughout the implementation process. Lack of teacher training and support is one of the most glaring faults uncovered in the research.