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Welcome to my website, an ePortfolio documenting learning in the Digital Learning and Leading Master’s Degree program at Lamar University in Beaumont Texas. It has been an eye-opening process as the cohort has begun our journey developing a learner’s mindset by developing real world, real time projects and plans to implement in our schools. We have had our viewpoints challenged in a paradigm shifting way. Dr. Carol Dweck’s Book, “The Growth Mindset” has had me rework my implementation plan to start with this important topic first. My innovation plan has focused on improving writing skills through the implementation of ePortfolios in CTE classes, and the reflective blogging component. Research has demonstrated an improvement in student writing skills, as well as teacher writing skills through reflective blogging.

William Geisweidt

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Digital Learning and Leading Courses and Work. Help yourself to any material that would be beneficial in your classroom.

EDLD 5302 – Concepts of Educational Tech
Learners will take ownership and agency over the learning process. Incorporating learner choice and voice in designing authentic projects that use technology.

EDLD 5303 – ePortfolio Design and Implementation
The learner will prepare and submit an ePortfolio that demonstrates their mastery of the learning outcomes for previously completed professional development work (Apple Distinguished Education, Microsoft Certified Educator, Google Certified Educator, EDLD 5302, etc.).

EDLD 5304 – Leading Organizational Change
Learners will be equipped to be a self-differentiated leader who can address resistance to change when launching innovative digital learning initiatives.

EDLD 5305 – Disruptive Innovation in Tech
Learners will identify technology innovations and embrace them as opportunities rather than challenges.

EDLD 5313 – Creating Significant Learning Environments, (CSLE + COVA)
Learners will incorporate constructivist learning theories for significant digital learning environments.

EDLD 5314Digital Learning in a Global Context Literature Review
Students will analyze and assess global educational technology innovation projects. Determine what worked and what could be done better, then apply those lessons to local innovation projects.

EDLD 5315 – Assess Digital Learning Instruction
Action Research: Assess the instructional impact implementation of their innovation plans have on creating effective digital learning environments.

EDLD 5316 – Digital Citizenship
Learners will be able to navigate the emerging educational and legal challenges of a knowledge society.

EDLD 5317 – Resources for Digital Environments
Learners will examine a variety of digital environments and digital resources to effectively communicate with others. Research and submit an article for publication.

EDLD 5318 – Online Learning Instructional Design
Apply constructivist learning theories and instructional design principles in the development and delivery of an online course.

EDLD 5389 – Develop Effective Professional Learning
Moving from traditional professional development to professional learning, focusing on the teacher as learner and technician. Develop a professional learning series that supports the innovation plan, (5305).

EDLD 5320 – Capstone
Learners will synthesize their knowledge, skills, beliefs, and values gained through their digital learning and leadership experiences and present a comprehensive plan on how they developed into digital learners and leaders that can identify and promote innovation, create significant digital learning environments, and lead organizational change.

Game Changer…

The Growth Mindset: A brief introduction to changing you and your students’ mindset – The key to success in the classroom and a valuable life skill. Dr. Dweck is the pioneer for Growth Mindset.

The Growth Mindset Plan:

Dr. Carol Dweck: The Power of Yet.

An introduction for Students, Teachers and Administrators. Student lessons and staff training links.

Further Reading:

  • Gordon & Shultz, (2005). “The History and Growth of Vocational Education in America, Second Edition.”
    • A history of  Vocational education in this country. The influences and major turning points in our style of education.
  • Yancey & Rhodes, (2019). “ePortfolio as Curriculum: Models and Practices for Developing Students’ ePortfolio Literacy.”
  • Arney, (2015). “Go Blended! A Handbook for Blending Technology in Schools.”
    • This book starts as a handbook in what not to do when implementing blended learning in schools. By listing what should not be done, it provides a guide to smooth the implementation of a technology enhanced curriculum.
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    • An eBook written to help teachers get started with the CSLE+COVA model of learner centered teaching through real world projects.